Thursday, September 8, 2011

Are you a Can-Do Girl??

I'm trying so hard to discipline myself and only post once a day....BUT....sometimes a valuable little life lesson comes along that you just HAVE to share! I had this wonderful breakfast meeting today with a woman who specializes in the "art" of positive thinking....she is thinking of joining the network I created as a business owner and was coming to me for some business advice, and before I knew what was happening, she was the one doing all the talking.....and I was like a little girl just drinking up everything she had to say!
I tend to think of myself as a pretty positive sort of girl (we can still be girls in our 40s, right???) but as Pat and I were sitting and conversing, she graciously interrupted me and pointed out that I used the words "can't" and "don't" about 9 times in the course of fifteen minutes. I paused for a split second and then blurted out, "okay, well, there are some things I just CAN'T do Pat.....and other things I DON't want to do....why is that wrong?" So, she got this big beautiful smile on her face and shared with me the fact that every time I use those words I am limiting myself. Limiting my control, limiting my expectations....and essentially closing off my mind to what my abilities and desires truly are by focusing on the negative. She very gently reminded me that it would be far more beneficial to share my CANs and DOs, celebrate the GOOD things versus focusing on how I am working to eliminate the BAD....For a moment or two I was a little lost...and then I realized that she just might be right...and I very quickly responded "I CAN DO THAT."

I think Pat was right on about self-imposed limitations....because her wisdom immediately made me start thinking about all of things that I CAN do, all of the things I say YES to.....and how I really need to make that more my focus versus spending anymore time on what I DON'T want and CAN'T have! I suppose it was easy to get into the habit of paying vast amounts of attention to what I don't want in my life rather than celebrating and inviting what I do want! If whaqt I believe in my heart is true, and the Universe and my Creator are in fact listening and all I've been telling them is what I want to go away then how will they ever know what I am hoping to see more of???
Perhaps not a completely knock-me-down-life-changing morning, but certainly something I want to really pay more attention to....and very interesting in how it relates to what keeps showing up in my world!
So, the moral of the story for me is.....we need to remember to be CAN and DO girls.....or.....CAN-DO girls...we need to pay more attention to what we are focusing our energy on and learn to place an intentional order for what we DO want instead of always telling people and ourselves what we would like to eliminate!
So, I very gently challenge you to spend the day keeping track (quietly) of how many times you say CAN'T and DON't and see if maybe you're sitting in the same boat as me! If you pay very close attention, I think you just might surprise yourself!! The good news is, bad habits are made to be broken to make room for the good habits just waiting to be unveiled! I am looking forward to living in a much more CAN-DO version of my world and hope you'll join me there!
Sending loads of clarity to all my CAN-DO girls!


  1. Hmmm, haven't been able to post through my The Merry Fox blog. So I will try using a different profile. Haven't been feeling very can-do lately - I'll try concentrating on do-ing! Thanks.

  2. HI own blog doesn't allow me to just reply to comments, so not sure what's going on, but so happy to hear from you! I'm sorry things haven't been so CAN-DO lately...but the good news is that it's not permanent, right??? Sending a whole lot of DO-ing your way! :-)