Monday, July 25, 2011

Choosing Happiness

It's a beautiful Monday morning....the sort of morning that always makes me happy and gets me excited about the week ahead. But this particular Monday morning has me thinking about conscious happiness. Do we to get to a happy place by choice? Are there some people that are just innately happy? IS there some great secret to it all? I read a fabulous quote last night that had something to do with making ourselves accessible to happiness. Am I accessible? I like to think so! I like to believe that if given the choice between being happy or being miserable, I would choose happiness. But I know that sometimes it's so much easier to get lazy and fall into the unhappy trap.
Admittedly, there are days when it's all not working and would just be EASIER to stay in bed. It would be EASIER to just hide under the covers for a while and wait for the storm to pass. It would be EASIER to blame PMS for my somber mood while scarfing down tubs of ice cream. But then there is the sunshine, and the fresh air.....there is the warm glow of possibility and the idea that if I do stay in bed I could be missing out on something fabulous! So...being the sort of girl that likes to assign myself little projects, I have decided that starting August 1st I am going to make every effort I can to CHOOSE to be happy. If the orders don't come as fast as I would like to them to, I will choose happiness. If my hair is not cooperating, the electric bill is unusually high, and the prices of gas go up, I will CHOOSE happiness. If I wake up to yet another group of friendly grey hairs that have decided to take up residence on my head, I will CHOOSE happienss. If hubby and I get into a tif about who needs to empty the dishwasher, I will CHOOSE happiness. It probably sounds a little odd to actually have made a decision to be happy...but honestly, sometimes I know I get caught up in my own head and tend to be a bit of a for me, this assignment is BIG BIG BIG!!
I could choose un-happiness because most of the time that's the natural thing to do. I could get caught up in what is not working, what is not where I would like it to be and what is not happening in the time-frame I anticipated. OR.....I could see it all with fresh eyes....know that God knows what he is doing and be strong in my belief that things are just as they need to be. So, for August I choose happiness! I can almost certainly guarantee that this is not going to be as easy for me as it sounds, so you can bet that I will be posting updates. But in the meantime, I've given myself a few days to prepare for this new adventure to Happy Town. I'm packing nothing more than a shiny new journal, some watercolors and a whole lot of optimism! I hope I see you there!
Wishing you a cool-crisp-linen-sheet, a lazy breeze and breakfast in bed sort of day!

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