Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Heart Art.....

I used to wish that I could shake the part of myself that has anything to do with art and creativity....I honestly wanted to be the sort of normal person who could be happy working in an office somewhere. A steady paycheck, no crazy impulses to run out and buy strange vintage items, and the responsible sort of person who would NEVER choose to buy art supplies over paying a utility bill.


there are all those markers,

all those crayons...you know the ones, the big box with the built in sharpener that smells like heaven....

so many different kinds of paper....

WATERCOLORS (my newest love)






glue guns,

oh the list goes on....and on.....!

How could I have ever wanted to NOT be the sort of person who would sleep on a cardboard bed made of colored paper and be truly happy!
How could I have even thought that it would ever be okay to see the world from a purely black and white existence?

I would probably drown.

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