Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Neighbors....

When I was around 26 years old, I landed a fabulous job producing fashion shows out of New York. I used to fly around the country working with all sorts of amazing magazines and clients.... I thought I was in heaven! I envisioned my life as a magazine editor sitting in a big fancy schmancy office overlooking Michigan Avenue and being surrounded by the very best clothing and accessories that money could buy! Now at 41 I can't wait to walk out my back door each morning and look over to see what Jeremy the farmer is up to! Acres and acres of fresh produce, a hard-working family nurturing the land and oh the baby bunnies that are constantly out there playing. It's honestly a little piece of heaven, and yet, iIf you had told me that I could ever be this blissfully happy living next to a farm I would have never believed you.....Amazing how time changes us....or maybe it was there all along and I was just too young to know better! If the me of today met the me from 20 years ago, I honestly don't think they would recognize each other....and frankly, I kind of like the me I am today...so I think I'll keep her!

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