Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good afternoon lovelies!
Today we stay in the present tense, today we remember that what matters most is right here, right now, and so our word of the day is none other than opportunity filled, decadently covered in sprinkles... TODAY.

I don’t mind telling you that I spend a lot of my time contemplating things I didn’t get done yesterday or the full plate of responsibilities I have waiting for me tomorrow. Truth be told, I think I spend so much time looking backwards and forward that I often forget how valuable TODAY is. This brief window of a mere twenty four hours often goes unnoticed as I am anticipating and contemplating what is going to happen next.
I think a lot of us are routine “planners” by nature and we don’t even notice that we’re not fully engaged in the present tense until it suddenly becomes “yesterday.” So I intentionally ask myself today, what have I been missing by overlooking what is going on right in front of me, right in this moment? What amazing little miracle occurred TODAY that I never would have witnessed due to my lack of attention? Well, if I'm being my typical self, then chances are, I've missed a lot.

Today is such a beautiful day and yet I am already on the internet looking to see what the weather is going to be like for the weekend so that I can make my plans. I just finished eating a delicious sandwich and I am perusing the Food Network trying to come up with a creative idea for dinner tomorrow night (on a side note, I had no idea how many variations of mac and cheese there are). Do you see a pattern here?
I get the whole planning thing, I understand that we have only a limited amount of hours in each day so of course we have to be pre-planning and scheduling in order to pack everything in. But what if today we just took a tiny step back and a good look around? What we would see that we might have missed if we were already focusing on tomorrow or regretting something from yesterday?

I sometimes find that I almost have to force myself to stop and take a good look around at what is happening right now. But today is about following my own advice, so here is what I observe when I slow things down for a there are leaves slowly starting to change colors on the big beautiful trees in our yard as they begin to prepare for a good Winter sleep. There are new kittens playing on our patio furniture that suddenly showed up on our deck one morning after their oh-so-responsible mommy lead them to food and safety. There is the quiet that happens in the middle of the day while hubby is working and it’s just me and the fur-babies enjoying some play time together. There are exactly 19 tomatoes growing on the plant I have been tending to this Summer....I know this for sure because yes, I counted. The fresh oregano and basil I started from mere seeds in March is huge! It is fragrant, fabulous, and will probably be a part of tonight's dinner now that I remember I planted it! All of this happening around me and it's all within steps on my desk?? Amazing!

I have so much to see, so much to enjoy and while it might be an effort to just try to SEE it, TODAY I am committed to staying right here and focusing on THIS beautiful Thursday afternoon. Surely tomorrow will come soon enough and there isn’t much I can do that would UN-do anything that might or might not have happened yesterday. So today, within the magical window of twenty four fleeting hours that will never be duplicated or come again, I put all my attention on the right here, the right now and maybe if I am very lucky, and very conscious, I won’t miss a thing!
Today is such a perfectly wonderful day, I wish you the attention it requires to savor it, the wisdom to appreciate it and a complete enjoyment of the rest of it! Happiest of Thursdays to you dear friend!

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