Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Good morning lovely girl!

Have you taken advantage of that beautiful set of wings you were born with or have you left them in a closet somewhere to gather dust? So many of us get so caught up with everything we must attend to on the ground that we forget about our ability to FLY! We misplace our imagination, set our dreams aside and get so caught up in what keeps our feet firmly on the ground that we forget to allow our imaginations to dance among the clouds.

You have a vision of what you want your life to look like, you have a clear picture tucked into your mind of what you had always hoped to accomplish and yet, you leave it as a daydream instead of doing the work to make it a reality. It's scary when we know we are called to do something that might involve taking a risk because you and I are responsible sort of girls who would never think of doing anything that just might jeopardize our secure place on the ground. But......what if by simply giving your imagination flight you could become the happy and fulfilled woman you have always wanted to be? What if you could take the ideas our of your journal and daydreams and make them into something tangibel? Would you take a chance? Would you dust off the those wings of yours and jump? Perhaps, you need not take a big bold leap, just a teeny tiny step towards the ledge.....a little closer every day until one day you just let yourself FLY!

You can do it. You deserve to try! Today would be such a good day to gently flap those wings of yours and get all the kinks out. It would be so wonderful if you could give yourself permission to embrace that little change you've been wanting to make and give some thought to one little gesture you could make towards enabling it to happen.

Imagine being handed the key that will unlock and free up everything has been keeping your feet planted on the ground. What would you do if you had all the freedom you ever could ever want and none of the fear that has been bogging you down for so long? Before heading off to that busy day of yours give yourself a little time to marinate in your own dreams a bit. Jot down a few things that have been weighing you down and see if you can't find a way to release just one of them today.

You, lovely girl, deserve a full and fabulous life, a life filled with unlimited potential to fly, you just need to dust off those wings of yours and give the wind the chance to carry you!

I wish you a day full of magic carpets, ruby slippers and the never-ending possibility!


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