Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Your delicious bite of Inspiration Pie for today is candy-coated, self-indulgent BLISS.

There are many things in this world which we can purchase or borrow from someone else in order to make ourselves happy, but BLISS is not one of those things. I could give you page after page full of suggestions as to where to look for bliss, how to go about creating it and what you should do once you have learned to recognize it. But to be honest with you, that would mean that you would be sampling MY version of bliss and not going in search of your own. Bliss can and should be extremely personal. We can not look to other people in the hope that they will offer us the key to unlocking our own bliss, instead, we must take advantage of the complete enjoyment that comes from opening the door to bliss on our own.
Perhaps for you, bliss can simply be found in a long steamy bubble bath, or maybe your bliss is more like a cozy chair, the perfect cup of tea and a good movie. Whatever YOUR bliss looks and feels like, be sure that the end result is of your own creating.

When we start to look at other people in order to mirror somebody else’s version of bliss we are denying ourselves the opportunity to experience it first hand. It is much like a hand-me-down sweater that might be really cute and fit you like a glove, but it’s still somebody else’s sweater. Bliss needs to be custom fit just for you. It is your experience, your definition and ultimately a gift only you can give to yourself!

You are worthy of bliss on a daily basis….every single day even if only for a few quiet moments. It is yours for the taking; you just need to find out what YOUR bliss feels like. Maybe on different days, your bliss takes the form of different experiences, that’s perfectly fine!! But I promise you that you will not find authentic bliss in a shopping mall, or job promotion, it’s not hiding in a new home, fancier car, or better zip code. Instead, it is always within your reach, it doesn’t cost a thing and it is right there just waiting for you the moment you decide to SEE it.

Today, your job is to give yourself the opportunity to sit still for a few minutes and ask yourself just one big question; what does YOUR bliss look like? Whatever the answer to your bliss might be, you DESERVE to treat yourself to a bit of time needed in order to enjoy and savor it. You are a busy girl with endless responsibilities, but in the middle of it all, somewhere in the momentary winks of silence, your bliss is patiently waiting for you to find it. Today is a fabulous day to invite bliss into your world and once it shows up, I hope that you will take a ridiculously large bite every single day and savor every delicious second of it!

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