Friday, August 12, 2011

One day soon, on some particularly sunny morning you will wake up and suddenly realize that you have finally run out of excuses for not doing all the things that you have intended to do. You will abruptly find yourself at a crossroad where you either have to move forward with the dreams constantly dancing around that beautiful mind of yours or silence them forever and just join the circus. You will know with complete and total clarity that on that day, and in that moment, it is time.
Today is my moment. Today, August 12th I have decided that to remain in neutral would be to ultimately deny myself the bliss that has eluded me for so long. I have no visions of grandeur, I have no desire for fame and fortune, I just want to complete the darned book I started 10 years ago. For years and years, words and pictures have been dancing around my color-stained imagination just dying to find a home out in the read world, but the HOW and the WHAT IFs always managed to take over and so I was left basically drawing hearts and swirls on a piece of paper....lots and lots of pieces of paper. I just couldn't get to the place where I knew it was time to do something...anything that would pull me out of this perpetual place of stalled determination.
For the last several months I have felt myself moving ever closer to either being locked in a loony bin or finally making Inspiration Pie a reality. Being that I am not too fond of the idea of moving into a sterile white padded room, I recognize that I can't put this off any longer.

The simple truth, the truth that each and every one of us shares is that we all have dreams.
For some of us, those dreams got put on hold because of fear, or what we believe is bad timing...or maybe we're waiting until the kids grow up, we get the promotion, drop 20 pounds, move to a bigger home, get a fancier car, find our soul mate.....blah blah blah.....whatever your excuses have been up to this moment, you have allowed them to take up residence in that brain of yours and so they have become your reality.
My reality, the one that haunts me, is that I have a BIG dream, a dream that I have been dragging around me forever, and until I put it out THERE I know that I am just going to continue to be spinning in circles. But I am getting dizzy.....and so I know that it is time to put on my favorite chunky black platform shoes and jump.


Inspiration Pie, the blog, the book, the thought process is about....well, in a word, INSPIRATION. It is about reminding ourselves that we unconditionally deserve to see the world through over-sized rose colored glasses, it is about remembering that every day can and should be a good is about taking our lives into our very own hands and being one hundred percent conscious and accountable for every waking moment. It is about living a life that is full of magic and miracles, love, acceptance, and unconditional bliss.

My dream, my super-sized, over-the-top hope for this book and this blog is that it will change your mind. It will remind you to love your life, to change what needs changing, to fix what is broken and to finally see your time on this beautiful planet as the awesome and overwhelmingly fabulous experience that is was meant to be. we begin a journey together, today we word each day for 100 days (yes you guessed it, today's word is BEGIN), one bite of Inspiration Pie that I hope will turn into 365 days and then a whole series of books all designed to inspire, empower, initiate, motivate, celebrate, rejuvenate and in the end encourage you to fall head over heels with this big beautiful, unbelievably abundant life of yours!

Today is a fantabulous day. It is a full 24 hours of chocolate covered potential just waiting to be unwrapped. You have a dream just like I do and if you're ready, and if you're willing, then there will never be a better day to BEGIN to take one tiny step towards bringing that dream to life!!

Before heading off to the rest of your busy life, I hope that you will pause for a moment, be completely present in this moment and ask yourself what some of your own dreams might be! Then grab a piece of paper, a big fat marker and write them down! Get them out of your head and into the light where the seeds of your imagination can take root and grow! Give yourself permission to step out of that comfortable place you've been living in and imagine what could happen if you actually found a way to live your dream!!! Life is meant to be a big fluffy slice of Inspiration Pie and today is the PERFECT day to pick up a fork and take an embarrsassingly big bite!! Today is a great day to just put an end to the excuses and BEGIN!

I wish you unlimited clarity, patience and buckets of bliss!