Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gorgeous in Grey....

A couple of weeks ago Gary and I were invited to attend a friend's annual roof-top party in Chicago for the annual Air and Water Show. I can't say that I'm a huge fan of airplanes, but hubby just loves them and the show itself is always fun to watch from a distance. Normally we get the luxury of good friends, great food, a fabulous view and blue skies. But this year, what started out as a gorgeous Saturday morning quickly turned into a a bad storm with Mother Nature happy to put on a show of her own.
About 30 minutes into the start of the show, there was an ominous display of lightening over the lake and heavy downpour for about an hour or so. But once the storm had finally passed as we took cover under the roof-top overhang, we were left with this beautiful grey blanket of clouds hovering over the skyline. It wasn't long before the sun finally showed her pretty face and the planes could resume their own show of pomp and circumstance, but in the meantime there was a sort of quiet humm that covered our beautiful skyline and as I snapped this photo I was reminded that even the most usually dismal shades of grey have a way of being beautiful.

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