Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Letting Go.....

Good morning loveliest girl!
Do you ever get tired of holding on so tight? I think that sometimes we work so hard to keep such a tight grasp on CONTROL that we miss all the good stuff..... The spontaneous, fleeting magical moments often go un-noticed while we are busy doing our best to hold it all together. But what if you loosed up your grip a bit.....just let the wind pick you up and carry you. What sort of wonderful things would you suddenly notice? What is the worst thing that could happen if you let go.....just a teeny tiny bit? It gets a little cumbersome when we are weighted down by so many burdens and responsibilities......it's not always easy being the responsible one is it?
Today would be such a wonderful day to let somebody else help out a bit......invite one more person to your Miss Indepence, I-can-do-everything pary and see if you can't perhaps lighten the load a bit.
The next time somebody offers a hand, or wants to be there to make things a little easier, instead of saying NO and thinking that in order for IT to be done right, you have to do it, SAY YES. Yes, I need some help, YES it would be great if you could do IT, YES......I could do it all, but today I just don't want to! You deserve to let go of all that control just a little bit and give the people around you the opportunity to feel needed! Today would be such a good day to allow yourself to be picked up and carried by the wind while somebdy else is temporarily carrying all that extra weight around.
You don't need me to tell you that it's okay to ask for help! It's perfectly fabulous and one so very okay if just this once you to want somebody to step in and lighten the load you've been carrying all this time! Today is a really good day to set down some of that extra weight and just let yourself enjoy the breeze! You are such a busy girl, and you've done such an amazing job keeping all of those pieces together, but today.....today it's okay if you allow just one of them to fall into somebody else's lap! Today is your day to exhale and ask for help. I promise nobody will think any less of you, and nobody will find you weak or incapable.....instead, I bet the people that care about you the most would be thrilled if you would just let them be there for you.....just this once!
Today I wish you the confidence to know that you are entitled to sit down for five minutes while somebody else picks up the slack! Let go lovely friend.....loosen up that firm grip of yours and try to enjoy a little more of the ride! We all know how good you are at making it all work, but today, if you'll let us, we'd like to help out....so when you're ready, we will be here to say YES as soon as you decide to ask!

Wishing you the gift of a control-free sort of day!

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